One of the items I want is not available in my local warehouse. What do I do?

If the item is temporarily out of stock in your nearest warehouse, one of two things will be offered to you:

If it's an item that's only temporarily out of stock in your warehouse, you mau place a pre-order and be first in line when more stock arrives.

It it's a limited edition or discontinued item, we will offer to ship it from another warehouse. Please check that you are happy with the shipping cost as it's usually higher.

Some smaller items are only ever available direct from our NZ warehouse. We have negotiated great rates for cost effective shipping option with local carriers and our shipping prices are very reasonable. However, please always check and confirm you are happy with the shipping cost displayed in the cart before placing your order.

And please note that items shipped from outside your customs zone may be subject to customs clearance, fees and duties. Please check with your customs office if you are unsure.

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