How can I contact Weta?

If you are having trouble with an order on our website, please get in touch via:


Phone: +1 (855) 998-0888

Our normal business hours are 8am - 6pm Monday through Friday. However, please note that Weta Workshop is in New Zealand - which means our business hours across other time zones are (during Northern Hemisphere Daylight Savings time):

  • US West Coast: 1pm -11pm Sunday - Thursday
  • US East Coast: 4pm - 2am Sunday - Thursday
  • Central Europe: 10pm - 8am Sunday - Thursday
  • China (Beijing): 4am - 2pm Monday - Friday
  • Australia (Sydney): 6am - 4pm Monday - Friday

and during Northern Hemisphere Standard Time:

  • US West Coast: 11am -9pm Sunday - Thursday
  • US East Coast: 2pm - midnight Sunday - Thursday
  • Central Europe: 8pm - 6am Sunday - Thursday
  • China (Beijing): 3am - 1pm Monday - Friday
  • Australia (Sydney): 6am - 4pm Monday - Friday

You can also always click our Help Widget which appears in the bottom right-hand corner of all our shop pages, which will help you find answers in our Frequently Asked Questions and our Help Community.

It looks like this:


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