My order is being returned to sender

A parcel can be returned to sender if:

- there's been x3 failed delivery attempts by the postal company

- the wrong shipping address has been provided by the customer

- a customer has failed to clear any associated custom fees

- a customer has failed to arrange collection or re-delivery with the postal company

- the order invoice is missing from the parcel


When your parcel is returned to sender, we'll:

- notify you by email

- provide you reason for return

- and provide a process to re-send or cancel your order


Process - failed delivery/wrong details provided

- Support will notify you by email.

- You'll have the option for parcel to be resent or cancelled.

- If resent, support will provide you with a payme link or money request (Paypal) to complete the shipping charge again.

- If cancelled, we'll refund your order and deduct x2 shipping cost to cover dispatch and return, and apply a $20 USD cancellation and handling fee. Deductions are non negotiable.

- The customer will also have 5 business days to respond to the return to sender email. If no response is provided, the order will be cancelled and refunded with cancellation and handling fees applied.



Process - Failed to clear custom fees

- Support will notify you by email.

- Order will automatically be cancelled and refunded upon return.

- Refund would include x2 shipping cost deducted to cover dispatch and return cost and a handling fee of $20 USD. Deductions are non negotiable.

- Customers are liable to pay any customs fees associated with any international parcel.


Process - Error is by Weta

- Support will notify you by email.

- Our warehouse will have your order resent at our expense.

- No further charges would apply to the customer.


For more information, please email support at






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