Cancellation fee

A Cancellation fee of $20 USD will be applied to any cancelled order requested by the customer.

The fee would be deducted from the customer's order refund.


Change of mind

It is important you're 100% certain when placing an order with us.

If you've prematurely placed an in-stock order and would like it cancelled, please email support at to request cancellation within 24 hours of placing that order. 

Our support team can not guarantee cancellation as all orders placed via our online store are automatically processed and dispatched from our warehouses.

In the case we're able to notify the warehouse to cancel dispatch in time, we'll cancel your order and refund the full amount with $20 USD deducted to cover the cancellation and handling fee. This is non-negotiable.



If you request to cancel a pre-order with us, please note, you'll forfeit the pre-order deposit. This is also non-negotiable.

When you place a pre-order, you agree in accordance with our Terms and Conditions to place a non-refundable deposit to secure your order. 

No cancellation fee of $20 would apply, unless, you've placed your pre-order on a payment plan.


Payment Plan

A cancellation fee of $20 USD applies against each payment made.

Therefore, if you request to cancel a payment plan order, upon cancellation, we'll automatically deduct the cancellation fee against each monthly payment you've made up to that date.

If this is a pre-order payment plan, the non-refundable deposit would be forfeited also.


 If you have any questions around our cancellation and handling fee, please email support for more information.



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