How can I cancel my order?

All orders placed via our online store are processed and dispatched automatically from our respective warehouses within 48 hours.


Any request to cancel an order would need to be emailed to within 24 hours of placing that order.


Please do include your:

- Order number

- Reason for cancellation


Please note, our Support team can't guarantee cancellation upon request. As orders are processed automatically from our three warehouses, there's a high possibility your order may already be in transit. 

Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility and liability to ensure all information is correct and that they 100% agree to our Terms and Conditions when placing an order.

We'll do our best to accommodate your request, provided your order has not left the warehouse and that the sending warehouse confirms cancellation of your order on their end.

If we're unable to meet your request, you're more than welcome to have your order returned back to us.

You would be liable to pay any return cost.

Upon return, we'll cancel and refund your order with x1 shipping cost deducted to cover original dispatch, including a cancellation and handling fee of $20 USD.



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